Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Add Air Fume Hoods

The LOC Airfoil Add Air Fume Hood provides added economy through the use of a front mount “add air plenum” that can supply up to 70 percent of the total hood air volume required from an outside source.

Design Elements:
  • Built-in bypass works to maintain a relatively constant face velocity at any sash position
  • Front mounted add air plenum utilizes diffusers and louvers to allow a uniform flow of supply air
  • Provides up to 70% of the overall air volume requirements
  • Equipped with a full view sash providing an unobstructed view of the hood interior
  • Sash is 7/32” laminated safety glass with full width flush PVC pull and spring loaded sash stop
  • Counterweight provides a one finger sash operation
  • Includes audible LOC200 airflow monitor for safety
  • Hood entrance is framed with inward-angled members to minimize turbulence and provide smooth air movement in hood at face velocities ranging from 60 to 150 FPM
  • Stainless steel airfoil allows 1” of airflow across the work surface when sash is in the closed position
  • Double wall construction for ease of routing plumbing/electrical lines
  • Standard “Resin-Chem” interior liner with removable access panels on both sides
  • Removable exterior side panels
  • Maximum width, two tube fluorescent light fixture complete with tubes is provided
  • Light is mounted above a sealed safety panel keeping corrosive fumes and hazardous vapors isolated
  • Tube lights can easily be replaced through the top front

Add Air Fume Hoods
Model # Widths
B-624 48"
B-625 60"
B-626 72"
B-627 84"
B-628 96"


Plumbing and electrical fixtures, hood alarm, base cabinet(s) and dished top are optional and must be ordered separately.
Mounting holes for service fixtures and electrical receptacles are pre-cut and capped when fixtures are not required.
Installation for add air fume hoods is optional and must be ordered separately.