Tuesday, 10 April 2012

DPB-150 multi-functional-plastic(AL/AL) blister packing machine

DPB-150 multi-functional-plastic(AL/AL) blister packing machine
DPB-150 type multifunctional automatic aluminium plastic blister packaging machine,the machine is an integrated domestic and international aluminum Packaging machine has the advantages of innovative design,the machine the key parts of the use of my company a number of innovative technology.And drug contact part uses the high quality stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy production,the machine is suitable for pharmaceutical packaging industry tablets, tablets, capsules,of small food packaging and metal parts,electronic components.The machine set coil uncoiling,aluminum feeding ,blister forming,filling material,wasterecycling,plasticheat seal,print a batchnumber,reticulate indentation,section cutter,displays the count ten functions in one machine ,packaging materials with good seal,safety and health. fully comply with“GMP”。
Performance characteristics
1、 Using PLC man-machine interface, easy to operate, more stable
2、 Using the plate mold, positive pressure forming.with batch number,indentation tangent,aluminum/plastic automatic feeding.fragment,end pieces,the machine will automatically stop and alarm functions.
3、A set of general feeder,the filling rate can achieve 99.5% above,the feeder can be equipped with vacuum interface,in order to eliminate the feeding process of the dust problems.
4、The machine has the advantages of small volume.light weight,compact structure,simple operation,easy to repair.
Main Technical Parameters

Project Paramete
 Punching frequency 15-35t imes/minutes
Stroke adjustable range 40-120mm(Adjustable)
Max forming area 140×110mm
Max forming depth 25mm
 Main motor power 1.5kw
Up heat power 0.8kw
Next heat power 0.8kw
Heat sealing heating power 0.7kw
Pump volumetric plow ≥0.2m2/min
Pump pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Medicinal PVC specifications 0.25×150mm
oil sealing 0.02×150mm
Molding aluminum foil specifications     0.15×150mm
Outline dimensions  2400×575×1560mm
Weight of maching 620kg