Monday, 19 March 2012

Rotary high frequency packing machine

Rotary high frequency packing machine
Quick Details
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Wanli Model Number: GP5-H1
Type: Blister Packaging Machine Packaging Material: Plastic Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Power: 5KW Application: Other Condition: New
Driven Type: Pneumatic Usage: Outer Type: Rotary

High frequency machine, it can weld PVC or PVC related bag ,blister with blister, blister with cardboard ,inflatable toy and etc
Main uses: plastic packaging (including heat sealing and  trimming for upper & lower blister, heat saling and trimming for blister and cardboard), automobile ornaments, sunshade, trademarks, garments, shoe and capembossing, leather embossing; gas mattress, boat, life jacket, toy; stationery, raincoat, plastic cover; kinds of medical infusion bag, blood bag, portable soft bag; it can be used for pressing kinds of concave-convex figures and characters. Equipped with some simple device, it also can be used for bronzing.

(1)High automation: upper mould down-heat seal and edge fusion -cool and definite form-upper mould lift can be preset as well as can be finished at one time.
(2)Anti-jamming: hunting frequency 27.12MHz,30.56MHz,40.68MHz, accord with international standard and little jamming to outside equipments.
(3) Fireproof: high-grade high-sensitivity spark killer device is available with good reliability and effect. Meanwhile it is equipped with overload current protection device. At emergency it can cut off high voltage automatically to protect electron tube and elements.
(4) Equipped with auto-positioning system, it is more accurate with little deviation.
(5) Large-duty power output, it is much quicker and efficient .
(6) Pneumatic, hydraulic and static device is adopted with even pressure for user to choose.

It has 3-station, 4-station and 6-station and equipped with adjustable electric power output and manipulator unloading.