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Herb Mill

Herb Mill 
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Brand Name: CHEMIELAND Model Number: SPHM
Type: Mixing Machine Application: Granules
Herb Mill is suitable for pulverizing tenacious, fibrous, and spongy, high oil and sugar content materials which are difficult
Working Principle:
Making use of the powerful vibration from vibration source, the Herb Mill can make the pulverizing materials under fluidization state to exert integrated force of high tensile collision, cutting, grinding and rubbing by grinding rods and ultimately to realize micron grade pulverization of materials or broken wall effect of cell in short time. At the same time, herb mill may be used as accurate mixer and coating modification machine. Its convenient to control the fineness of pulverized materials by adjusting the intensity of vibration. Herb mill may do both dry process and wet process pulverizing. This mill is widely applicable in industries of Chinese herbs, medicine, food, health products, and cosmetics etc.

Property and Features:
It is suitable for pulverizing tenacious, fibrous, and spongy, high oil and sugar content materials which are difficult to pulverize by ordinary pulverizing machine. It also has very good pulverizing effect to hard and fragile materials.  
It is suitable for broken wall pulverizing of plant pollen spore, ratio of broken wall may reach 95%.
It is suitable for dry process, wet process crushing, accurate mixing, and coating modification.
It is suitable for pulverizing of materials with medium diameter to reach micron grade.
Convenient disassembly and assembly, cleaning makes it suitable for shift of materials operation.
The pulverizing process is in fully closed state with no overflow of dust and no environment pollution.
The pulverizing chamber is equipped with cooling water jacket which can control the temperature inside   
  pulverizing chamber by adjusting temperature of water and flow rate of water. Powerful refrigeration system can also be selected for pulverizing of materials under ambient temperature of -30-0 .
The pulverizing process may be carried out in state of inert gas for explosion prevention and anti-oxidation
The design of complete machine is reasonable with adjustable amplitude of vibration. The function of operation time setting is convenient for operation.
It is convenient for maintenance and the operating cost is extremely low.
Effects of cell-Grade Micro Pulverizing for Chinese Herbs:
1.Improve the bioavailability.
 After micro pulverizing, cells of Chinese herbs may be pulverized to some extent. The substance of cell whose wall is broken may directly contact solution medium and its active ingredients may all directly enter solution medium and is absorbed by human body. The effecting time of herb will be significantly shortened and the intensity of effect will be even higher.
2.Homogenization in compound pulverizing.
 When the cell walls of Chinese herbs compound medicinal materials are broken, the moisture and oil content inside the cell is emigrated and the surface of fine particle presents in semi-moisture state, steady particle groups (or is called fine particle) are formed among particles, and each particle group contains same proportion of Chinese herbs ingredients. This structure will homogenize each active ingredient of Chinese herbs medicinal materials, and the various active ingredients are evenly absorbed by human body, which can increase effect of medicine.
3.Increase the industrial extraction ratio of active ingredient.
 Due to the high cell wall-breaking ratio, the dissolution resistance reduces. When extracting active ingredient of medicine in cell-grade micro pulverizing Chinese herbs industry, the extraction ratio will be obviously increased.
4.Reduce the granular sensation when taking orally.
The average particle size is generally below 20um after Chinese herbs compound cell-grade pulverizing operation, and the granularity has been lower than the threshold of oral cavity granular sensation, so there is no sensation of roughness. 
5.Additional effect. The cell-grade pulverizing will kill insect eggs with similar size and relieve the menace of insect damage to Chinese herbs medicinal materials.

Technical Data Sheet:

Cylinder Volume3L10L30L50L100L200L300L
Filling Volume  0.6L2L5L10L20L40L60L
Voltage220-380V3 phase
3 phase
3 phase
3 phase
3 phase
3 phase
Motor Power0.37KW0.75KW1.5KW2.2KW3.7KW7.5KW11KW