Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stability Chamber

 Stability Chamber
Stability Chamber

For conditions as per ICH Guidelines (International Conference of Harmonization )
25°C – 60% RH/40°C – 75%RH/30°C – 65%RH / 25°C – 40% RH / 40°C – 25% RH / 30°C – 35% RH.

Temperature range: 10.0°C to 60.0°C. Accuracy / Uniformity: ±0.1°C/±1°C

Humidity range: 25% to 95% RH. Accuracy / Uniformity ±2%RH/±3%RH

Temperature / Humidity display: Digital LED 3½ digit

Control: Microprocessor based PID control. With Auto tune

Resolution: 0.1°C/1%RH

Temperature sensor: PT – 100

RH sensor: Direct capacitance type

Heating: ‘U’ shaped Nichrome wire heater in SS sheathing

Cooling: CFC free Copeland make compressor utilizing R 134A eco friendly refrigerant, with condenser, motor and relay

Steam injection: Boiler with reservoir made of thick stainless steel, with heater, water inlet control, low water level safeguard

Air circulation: Flange motor with impeller / blower

Construction: Double wall, with insulation, outer door key lockable, inner glass viewing door

Chamber illumination: Fluorescent light with door switch