Monday, 23 January 2012

Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: Rotech Model Number: K86
Application: Other Type: Printing Machine
Continuous Inkjet Printer
Rotech Continuous Inkjet Printer is widely used in pharmaceutical industry
Continuous Inkjet Printer
Design and Manufacturing According to FDA&cGMP Standard

K68 continuous ink jet printer can print clearly Chinese and English characters,text, number, date, validity date, serial No,Image.  On varies materially surfaces with high speed. Suitable for beverage, food, brewery, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction material, cable and wire, electronics, and tobacco, and many other industries.

1. A single button to start and stop
2. With graphic editing features
3. Can be full-screen hand-writing, support the mouse, support Chinese keyboard input, support Bmp image format.
4. 10.4 inch Sharp LCD.

Human Design
Human Design 
1. Automatically set a key channel and  nozzle cleaning, fault
2. Automatically set a key channel and  nozzle cleaning, fault diagnosis and  maintenance of self.
3. All intelligent automatic control, a key switch machine
4. With fault detection and  alarm function, no ink to remind display.
5. Both IME or Chinese Pinyin input is very convinent
6. Can store 40 pinting message at your service

Timing and counting printing
Bold: Up to 9 times
Automatic show of products counting, batch numbers, shift numbers
Printing speed: Up to 660 characters/second (7x5 single line)
Variable characters/languages/logos/fonts printing
Reversal and inverse etc, four directional inkjet printing
Printing lines: 1~2 Lines
Message delayed printing
Printing height: (7x5) single line. 2-5mm (16x16) single line. 5-10mm
Character matrix:7x5, 7x7, 10x7, 16x10, 16x16