Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wz-3 Electric Pill Making Machine

Wz-3 Electric Pill Making Machine
Product Description
Instruction and features:
The company had successfully developed the small table-model machine and sweet-pill machine and realized the batch production in 90' s year. The company constantly replaces the varieties of products and develops the new products to satisfy the different requirements.

The equipment overcame the defects of traditional pill-making equipment. It has the features of small bulk, light weight, low energy wastage, high efficiency, fine effect, low noise, non-pollution, simple operation, safety and high realibility. The successful development of the product is the great innovation of Chinese Medicine pill-making industry. It will bring the great social benefits and remarkable economic benefits.

1. Structure: This machine is made up of flake pressing axis, strip-out axis, pill making axis, polishing canister, dried board, motor, and electrical equipment etc.
2. Working Principle: Put the mixture (the proportion of sweet and medicine is 1: 1) as the agglomerate into the flake pressing slot to press, then take out of the flaking medicine to put into the strip slot, then thwart put the medicine strip into the pill making slot to make into pills.
3. Send the pilling into the polishing canister to Polish and dry.

Main Technical Specifications:
Electric source: 110/220V 180W
Rotary speed: 1400r/min
Pill-making specification: 8mm
Weight: 30kg
Overall size: 650*270*300mm