Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tripod Bottom Discharge Centrifuge (SGZ800)

Tripod Bottom Discharge Centrifuge (SGZ800)
Product Description SGZ model tripod scraper discharge automatic centrifuge is a filtration automatic centrifuge typical of scraper Bottom Discharge, intermittent operation, process control, through application of control with advanced PLC programmable controller and adoption of frequency governor and brake braking unit as well as hydraulic or pneumatic device combinations, operated in the forms of single machine or central-control computer network. The hydraulic and electrical control system automatically fulfills feed, separation, rinse, dehydration, discharge, and other working procedures, able to achieve remote operation, and able for adaptation to use for separation of suspension liquids containing solid-phase granules of 0.05-0.15 particle size, especially adaptable to separation of materials with strong thermal sensitivity, breakage of crystal grains not allowed, not easy to approach manually, fully suitable for the flammable and explosive, toxic, and corrosive industrial sites. This machine is characterized by advantages of high automation degree, large disposal amount, good separation effect, stable running, and easy operation, etc, able to achieve a multi-faceted cleaning, safe and reliable, in compliance with GMP standards

Working Principle
The motor actuates the bowl to rotate around spindle through transmission system. The separated suspension liquid enters into bowl through the feed pipe on top, and falls on the material distribution tray. Under the function of centrifugal force, it flows to the wall of bowl, and the liquid phase is thrown into the space of machine cabinet through gauze and filter opening on the wall of bowl and collected on the underpan, to be discharged via liquid drain pipe, while the solid phase is retained on the inner side of the filter gauze. If rinse is required, washing water is to be added for rinse through washing pipe. After dehydration is completed, the bowl will rotate at a low speed, and the automatic scraper system will act to scrape off the crusher solid-phase substances, to be discharged through the Bottom Discharge outlet of bowl.

Extensively applied to filtration of suspension liquids with solid phase as granules.
Chemical Industry: Gypsum and oxalic acid
Food Industry: Sodium glutamate and food additives
Pharmaceutical: Vitamin and antibiotic
Mine and Metallurgy: Copper, zinc, minerals, and metal refining
Environmental Protection: Pure water sludge and sewage sludge
bowl(mm)inner diameter10001250
(m 2 )filter area1.
 (mm)bore of liquid baffle760870
 (kg)max charge240200500450
scraper speed<100<100<100<100
discharge modehydraulic scraper
air scraper
 (Mpa)gas resource pressure0.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.6
 (Mpa)working oil pressure1-1.21-1.21-1.21-1.2
braking modeelectric braking

oil pump motortypeYB100L-6B5YB100L-6B5
size (mm)