Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tablet Sachet Packing Machine (PM-100R)

Tablet Sachet Packing Machine (PM-100R) (CE Certification)
Product Description Packing Machine Application:
Suitable for round sugar coated tablet, capsule, choclate bean, mesh mallow, button, steel ball, screw and any solid product with identical shape sachet packing. Can be equipped with a counting vibrator for muti purpose application.

Optional Parts for Main Packing Machine:
1. Date Code Printer
2. Fix Number Cut
3. Stainless Steel Machine Out Case

Optional Sealing Format:
3 Side seal, 4 Side seal and Center seal

Standard Packing Machine Specifications:
Model No. Applicable Product Measuring Range (ml) Bag Length (mm) Bag Width (mm) Speed   (Bag/min) Power
PM -100G Granule A: 1-10
B: 5-50
30-120 30-85 50-100 220V/1ph
PM -100L Liquid 3-50 30-120 30-85 30-60 220V/1ph
PM-100P Powder 3-50 30-120 30-85 30-60 220V/1ph
PM-100R Tablet 3-50 30-120 30-85 10-60 220V/1ph