Thursday, 22 December 2011

Multifunctional Single Effect Concentrator

Multifunctional Single Effect Concentrator
Product Description USE:
The equipment is applicable for the concentration and recovery of industrial organic solvent (Such as alcohol) of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, glucose, starch sugar, oral liquid, chemical industry, food, monosodium glutamate and dairy products. It can be used in the low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances with small batches and large varieties.

1. Alcohol recovery: Large recovery capacity. Adopt vacuum concentration process. It enhances more than 5-10 times production capacity of the same kind of equipment. The energy consumption is 30% reduced. It has the characteristics such as small investment and high recovery benefit.

2. Liquid concentration: The equipment adopts external heating natural cycling mode and vacuum negative pressure evaporating mode, with instant evaporation and great concentrated specific gravity up to 1.3. The liquid materials are concentrated without foam under the completely sealed status. The liquid medicine concentrated from the equipment has no pollution, and has strong flavor of medicine. The cleaning is convenient. (Just open the upper and lower covers of the heater for the cleaning) The operation is convenient and the space is small. The heater and evaporator adopt stainless steel heat preservation structure. The heat preservation adopts polyurethane foaming and the exterior surface adopts grinding semi-luster polishing. It is in accordance with cGMP medicine standard.