Thursday, 8 December 2011

LLW Horizontal Axis Solid Discharge Screen Centrifuge (LWL)

LLW Horizontal Axis Solid Discharge Screen Centrifuge (LWL)
Product Description LLW series scroll discharge centrifuge is a horizontal, Filtering, continuous operation filter centrifuge. It can be a Pharmaceutical machine(automatic or PLC)., in full speed, the continuous feeding, separating, washing, and unloading. Compact structure, small volume, continuous operation, stable operation, strong adaptability, large capacity, low cake moisture and so on. With solid phase for separation of size greater than 0.1mm, the concentration range of 10-75% of the suspension. Applicable to chemical, salt, soda, and environmental protection industries.

Principles of product structur
Motor drives the drum and the feeding installation concentric spiral, to a certain degree of differential rotation with the speed, the material from the feed tube into a continuous, uniform distribution to the Bottom of the filter drum wall, under the centrifugal force, liquid materials through the filter and drum filter vent drum wall, the liquid discharge port from the plane.
models LLW350 LLW450 LLW530
inlet amount 10 20 25
Rotation rate of basket(r/min) 2800 2300 2000
Relative Centrifugal force 1500 1300 1200
Power of motor(kw) 11 22 30
Weight(kg) 900 1200 1800
Overall Dimensions(l*w*h)(mm) 1150*1500*970 1150*1500*1150 1480*1920*1470