Tuesday, 27 December 2011

JZY3000II\III Capsule Filling Quantity Inspection Machina

JZY3000II\III Capsule Filling Quantity Inspection Machina
Material:  Stainless Steel
Accuracy:  1kg
Measurement:  Automatic
Structure:  Electronic Scale

Product Description The latest generation high performance capsule weight inspection machine firstly finishes fast, high-precision and scatheless individual capsule weighing and detection automatically. And then it filtrates and rejects the capsules surpassing the upper or lower error of required medicine weight. Eligible and ineligible capsules are separated and delivered to different outlet for collection. The machine ensures that each grain of capsule is controlled within quality demands range in medicine manufacturing. The equipment adopts micro-weighing sensor system and it counts and controls by PLC to achieve stable, reliable and convenient operation effects. Its whole system reaches advanced international level in design philosophy and integration of many items of high and advanced technology. Parameter setting can be operated on man-machine interface. Relevant parameters can be tracked and recorded in running. After connecting the Capsule Weight Inspection Machine with the Capsule Filling Machine, the upper and lower error of capsule weight and other technical parameters in detection can be fed back to the Capsule Filling Machine timely for correction of filling quantity and assurance of product eligibility rate.
Technical parameter:
(1) Weighing range: 20~2000mg, available to auto-check of 00#~5# capsule;
(2) Detection precision: ± 3mg, applicable to required precision range of common capsule filling quantity;
(3) Inspection speed: JZY3000II 60 thousand PCS/hour.
JZY3000III 80 thousand PCS/hour.
Main functions:
1.  The equipment is controlled by PLC. The upper and lower limit of capsule weight and other parameters can be set on touch screen. Relevant parameters are tracked and recorded automatically. Meantime auto-statistical quality products output and the upper and lower error surpassing amount and proportion can be displayed on touch screen. Capsule weight and allowable error can be stored and set in touch screen and managed by the menu. It is easy and convenient to change specification of products.
2.  The equipment realizes auto-check of individual capsule at high speed without damage to capsules. And it can find and reject capsules surpassing the range of upper and lower error and can separately collect eligible and ineligible products.
3.  The equipment can be used together with common capsule filling machine. According to data feedback of capsule weight error in detection, the capsule weight inspection machine can correct filling quantity of the capsule filling machine timely.
Main advantages:
1.  The equipment ensures weight of each capsule before leaving factory within eligible range to prevent products from complaint by rejection of capsules not conforming to weight demands in detection.
2.  The equipment avoids waster production to increase product eligibility rate and enterprise economic benefit by correcting filling quantity of the Capsule Filling Machine timely according to data feedback of capsule weight error.
3.  The equipment saves a big amount of raw materials to realize considerable economic benefit by inspection and adjustment to keep capsule filling quantity within the range of zero error and specified lower error.
Combination of Capsule Weight Inspection Machine and Capsule Filling Machine real time weighs filled capsule individually to ensure correction of filling quantity, so quantity of products are enhanced greatly. The Capsule Weight Inspection Machine is indispensable in quality assurance system of capsule preparation manufacturers and necessary to improve product quality and to prevent enterprises from complaint.
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