Sunday, 18 December 2011

Freeze Drying Machine

Freeze Drying Machines are widely used in pharmaceutical and other industries, as freeze drying is the only process by which water can be removed

from an organic product or substance without causing any damage to the cell structure or losing volatile components.
Freeze Drying in Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical manufacturers make use of freeze-drying to increase the shelf life of products, like vaccines, and other injectables. By removing the water from the medicinal object and sealing the object in a vial, the object can be easily stored, shipped, and later reconstituted to its original form for injection or other solution.
How Freeze Drying Works? The drying chamber is vacuum tight. To freeze dry a medical solution or pharmaceutical object, it first has to be frozen so the water separates from substances by forming ice crystals .  A vacuum is then created in the drying chamber. This lowers the boiling point of the frozen water. Heat goes into the frozen product in which the ice comes away as vapour rather than melting. This process is known as sublimation. The entire process in freeze drying leaves all the other materials like minerals, nutrients, volatiles etc. intact and eventually dry and extends the lifetime of temperature-sensitive medicines by preventing degradation. Freeze driers  are widely used in pharmaceuticals processing and hence an important part of pharmaceutical processing machines.
  • Application of Freeze Drying Machine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and culinary herbs
  • Archaeological Conservators and Museums
  • Laboratories and Research Institutions
  • Processors of Expedition and Survival Foods
  • Libraries and Book Restorers
  • Freeze Dried Flower and Petal Producers
  • Wedding Bouquet Preservers
  • Taxidermists