Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fine Pulverizer (WFJ Series)

Fine Pulverizer (WFJ Series)
Packing:  plywood case
Model NO.:  WFJ Series Dust Collecting Fine Crushing Set
Standard:  ISO9001: 2000; GMP
Productivity:  800-1000 sets/year
Trademark:  HongdaOrigin: China

Product Description
1. Main application:
WFJ Dust Collecting Fine Crusher/pulverizer/grinder/mill is comprised of main frame, auxiliary machine and electrical control cabinet, this crusher has such performances as winnowing, screen or mesh free, uniform size and continuous operation, and has reached the international advanced level, thus being widely used for material crushing/grinding/milling in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades etc...

2. Working principle:
The material is fed into the crushing chamber by a screw conveyor, cut and crushed by high speed rotating blade and conveyed to thecyclone separator by means of negative pressure air conveyance before being discharged by bag type collector, and the dust is filteredand recovered by dust collector through a bag. Having no dust flying during production, it can improve utilization rate of thematerial and reduce the cost of enterprise.
                                     WFJ Series Dust Collecting Fine Crushing Set 
                                   1.   Technical parameter:
Model     Production
Spindle speed Feeding
Total power Overall dimension
WFJ-15  10-200(kg/h) 5800(rpm) ≤10mm  60-450(mesh)  13.5(kw)  4200*1200*2700(mm)  1000(kg) 
WFJ-20  50-300(kg/h) 5200(rpm) ≤10mm 60-450(mesh) 18.37(kw) 4300*1350*2700(mm) 1500(kg)
WFJ-36  100-1000(kg/h)  5000(rpm) ≤10mm  60-450(mesh)  37.82(kw)  7920*1480*3290(mm) 2500(kg) 
WFJ-60  200-2000(kg/h) 4500(rpm) ≤10mm  60-450(mesh)  74(kw)  9500*1800*3730(mm) 3200(kg) 
                                   2.  Payment terms & delivery time:
(1) Steel grade: Stainless Steel 304, GMP Standard certificated.
(2) Voltage: ___V, ___-phase, ____Hz.(as per customer’s request)