Sunday, 18 December 2011

Capsule Counters

Capsule counter is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to count capsules or tablets automatically. Used particularly for medical purposes, the capsule counting machine counts capsules of all sizes without damaging them.
The Process of Counting
The counter sorts capsules, tablets, pills automatically. There are semi and fully automatic capsule counting machines which assume an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. There are high speed counters which ensure perfect accuracy in counting of capsules. Capsule counters are available with vibratory plates for transporting the product from the product hopper to the detection unit. In the detection unit, the different capsules are scanned and counted with accuracy. Dust extraction and collection equipment removes capsules dust and impurities. There are air operated cylinders in the machine which collect and fill the accurate number of products into containers. A specially designed nozzle prevents product spillage. High technology counters also have process monitoring sensors and product reject system.
Importance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Capsule Counter is designed to count capsules automatically.
  • It is used for fast counting and filling without damaging capsules and tablet.
  • It is suitable for both coated or uncoated capsules.
  • The capsule counter machine accurately counts and fills all shapes of capsules, soft capsules, caplets, or transparent products.
Application Of Capsule Counters
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Para- pharmaceutical
  • Medicines
  • Vitamins
  • Food-Supplements
  • Health Products