Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ampoule Washing Machine

Semi and fully automatic ampoule washing machines are compact lines manufactured using advanced technology. These specialized pharmaceutical machines wash, sterilize and clean the ampoules before being filled with predetermined quantity of material.
These ampoule washers have compressed air supply for steam washing washing, an inbuilt flushing and outside rinsing mechanism. Water is sprayed onto the ampoules, turned to an angle of 180 degree with their mouth downward to remove water. Finally the ampoules are filled with compressed air to remove residual water. Certain machines have a high temperature zone meant for killing any bacteria.
Types of Ampoule Washing Machine
  • Ultrasonic ampoule washing machine
  • Vertical ampoule washing machine
Features of Ampoule Washing Machine
  • Pressurized flow of water is passed through washing needle for pressure cleaning at minimum usages of washing machine.
  • Concept of pressure tanks for reverses & continuous supply of washes medias is apt in this machine.
  • Acrylic top cover is given, to clearly view washing events taking place in the machine.
  • On-line poly carbonates of 10 microns for water and 5 microns for air are used, for best possible washing.
  • All contact parts of washing machine are usually made of stainless steel.
  • If acrylic cover is lifted during cycle operation, the machine will automatically stop and re-start from the point when cover is pushed down.
Application of Ampoule Washing Machine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Neutraceutical
  • Chemical