Saturday, 24 December 2011

Al-Plastic Blister Packing Machine (DPP-140C)

Al-Plastic Blister Packing Machine (DPP-140C)
Product Description DPP-140C Paper-plastic Packing Machine combines the mechanical transmission structural characteristic of plastic and packing machines, belongs to a new generation of Al-Plastic packing machine. Realize Al-plastic compounded sealing packing; The machine is the best mini automatic packing machine. It has been ISO9000-2000\GM\QS certificated.

Machine Category:
2. Product applicable scope
This aircraft is suitable for profession and so on drugs manufacture, medical instrument, food, electron, hardware each kind of specification capsules, the tablet, the ampoule as well as the medical instruments, light industry food, the candy, the electronic primary device, the hardware product blister type tight pack.

3. Packing procedure
3. Operation Process
1\ PVC stock supporting
2\ PVC Preheating
3\ Blister Forming
4\ Feeding
5\ Aluminium foil stock supporting, Ribbon lot number, Optoelectronic Detector color code(Checking Block )
6\ Sealing
7\ Air cooler
8\ (Press torn line)Press
9\ Manipulator Traction, Plate length control
10\ (Plate)Shearing
11\ Get waste material and finished products

4. Performance features
1\ Speed reducer, main-rotating connection, main shaft are on one line(to decrease driving error)for mechanical transmission
2\ Sensor controls are adopted in pneumatic system. PLC control makes the whole machine run smoothly, keeps synchronous stability during the products are to be packed in multi-labor, long-distance.
3\ Automatic feeding, plate heating, pressing and forming, top and bottom netting, air cylinder thermal sealing, automatic creasing and bar coding, manipulator traction, stable running.
4\ Part mutual spacing basis sector changes and so on formation, heat-seal, indentation, blanking willfully adjustable.
5\ Manipulator intermittence type hauling, traveling schedule willfully adjustable.

6\ The electro-optical examination color code, realizes the printing design automatically to the version request.
7\ The tumbler planet friction type limitless velocity modulation, the noise is low, the transmission torque is big, movement stable reliable.
8\ The cabinet type mold tectonic plate, trades the mold conveniently, quick, the economy.
9\ The control system is stable, the security, the reliability are good.
10\ Realizes the inked ribbon printing batch number.
11. Plate-type construction: It is suitable for packing the matter if ay shape such as the special matters of square, triangle and oval shape etc.
12\ Positive pressing information: That makes bubble of capwall uniform, stiff and makes the packing finished products more beautiful. Shaping, feeding, hest-sealing, pressing, lot number printing and cutting can be completed automatically in one move.

A. Is suitable in the inked ribbon batch number, the electro-optical examination color code, the sector length control type.
B. Is suitable in the electro-optical examination color code, the sector length control type.
C. Divides the barometric pressure blow molding formation and the machinery takes shape two kinds.

5. Advantages
1\ The machine is made of stainless steel.
2\ It's set with man-machine touch screen, equipment sensor. You can change different languages, know how many you've done, and so on.
3\ It's with beautiful shape, small area coverage, multi-functions and for longer use.
It operates rather smoothly. One person is enough to operate this machine, and you can know how many lids
Having been produced and you can also set the quantity you want to produce through man-machine touch screen.
4\ Simple structure enables you understand at once. We introduced advanced technologies from abroad and developed from complication to simpleness with high intensity.
5\ It's easy to operate. One person is enough, which is convenient for modern administration and saves the manpower and improves efficiency.
6\ It's clean with full waste recycling system, thus reduce the usage of pvs material.
Model No. DPP-140C   Productivity 20-45pcs/min
Standard Block Plate 57*80mm(Designed according to customer’ s requirements) Adjustable Range of Strike 40-110mm (can be specially designed)
Air compressor > 0.15m3/min Power Of main motor 1.5Kw
Heating Power 2.6Kw Rated Frequency 50hz
Rated Power Supply 380v (3phases4line) Net Weight   900kg
Overall Dimension 2400*710*1360mm MOQ 1SET