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YJX220 Medicine Inspecting Machine

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Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: RotechModel Number: JYX220
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Packaging Detail:International Export Wooden Case Packing, Water Proof.
Delivery Detail:Delivery it in 2 month after received the down payment
YJX220 Medicine Inspecting Machine is widely used in pharmaceutical field .
YJX220 Medicine Inspecting Machine

Design and Manufacturing According to FDA&cGMP Standard  

YJX220 Medicine Inspecting Machine

YJX-220 Medicine Inspecting (Static Electricity Eliminating) Machine is a kind of new product developed and produced by our company through absorbing advanced technology from abroad according to the requirement of the pharmaceutical industry at home. It can make the capsule and tablets (pills) drop on the organic glass conveyer roller uniformly with the doser. The medicines turn over on the conveyer roller and meanwhile move forward with the conveyer roller, and then after static electricity elimination and manual inspection, substandard product will the picked out, thus achieving the aim of sorting medicines and eliminating static electricity quickly. Up to the GMP standard and without dead angle or blind spot on inspection, this machine is a kind of ideal equipment for inspecting the apperances of capsules and tablets (pills) to eligibility.

The product flows from the feed hopper into a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse dust and chips which are then collected in a container. The product enters the inspection stage in a single layer. The capsules and tablets from the vibratory chute are placed on rotating rollers and are continuously turned & moved in front of the operator which ensures a reliable all-sided inspection. An adjustable mirror enables the operator to inspect the opposite parts of the products. The rotation speed of the inspection rollers is adjustable individually, independent of the inspection speed.

1) The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The handle vacuum waste-rejecting device can reduce the possibilities of touching the medicines by the operator, which is up to GMP standard.
2) It is adjustable stepless in overturning and inspecting capsules and tablets. There is no dead angle or blind area in the whole inspection.
3) It can effectively prevent and reduce the static electricity on the medicine surface due to the variation of environment temperature.
4) Featuring easy operation, it can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency.


Inspection of hard or soft capsules, plain or coated tablets and other round or cylindrical objects. Min tablet thickness: 3mm
Up to 120,000 capsules/h or approx. 50kg tablets, depending on product and product size.
Feed Hopper
30 L ,60 L
Electrical Connection
220V/50Hz, single phase or 110V/60Hz, single phase
Power Input
0.45 kw
Compressed Air
6 bar
1400×650×1250 mm
125 kg