Tuesday, 8 November 2011

TGF-200 stainless steel high-speed grinde

TGF-200 stainless steel high-speed grinder
 TGF-200A-type crusher for crushing herbs main complex, as well as food, feed, chemical and other industries of the crushed material.
How it works:
Motor driven spindle with high speed, the material thrown into the mill, in the fight between the plate and fixed dental plate, after the impact of cut, grinding, crushing the material particles. In the air, driven by the material passing through the sieve into the powder collection bag, switch to a different particle size of the aperture through the mesh to meet the requirements.
Structural features
The machine structure is simple, fastening, smooth operation, crushing effect. Internal structure for easy cleaning, repair, maintenance, and there is noise, low power consumption, small size, beautiful exterior styling characteristics. In addition TGF-200A-type grinder outer surface, the surface of the shell and contact materials used in all stainless steel, so that medicines, food, feed, chemical and other production more in line with national standards, meet the GMP requirements.
The main technical parameters:
  1. Studio: φ200mm.
  2. Spindle speed: 5680 r / min
  3. Load current: <4.5A
  4. Production :2-30 kg / hour
  5. Fineness :20-120 mesh
  6. Equipped with power: 2.2KW
  7. Net weight: 100 kg
  8. Dimensions: 480 × 380 × 920 (L × W × H) mm