Tuesday, 8 November 2011

TDP-400-type knife crusher

TDP-400-type knife crusher
 Main purposes:
It applies to pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed and other materials processing industries. Especially for traditional Chinese medicine in the hard, hard powder materials. Such as the hard root class, rattan, various angle classes crushing process. The broken material can be extracted as a powder or with fine material, with low powder, broken product particle uniformity, less wear and tear, safe and convenient to solve the traditional Chinese medicine in difficult to machine materials crushing problems.
How it works:
Broken material from the hopper feeding chamber through rotating blade and fixed blade shear, the material for crushing, the particles passing through the stencil out. Stencil can be replaced.
The main technical parameters:
Spindle600 rev / min
Feed size≤ 100mm
The expected size8-25mm
Noise at Work≤ 80 分贝
Dimensions1350 × 900 × 1450 (mm)