Tuesday, 8 November 2011

F-400 type mill Shibata

 This machine is applied in medicine crushing processing, food, feed, chemicals, coal, pig iron powder material afraid of crushing process.
The principle and structure characteristics:
The machine spindle is equipped with a plate, baffle, fan of three parts, driven by the motor rotation. Embedded in a plate and cover plate on the side teeth, curved teeth grinding chamber board constituted by the rapid relative motion during the formation of the material being crushed repeatedly hit and hit each other, to achieve the purpose of crushing. The whole machine is mainly made of steel and cast iron materials. Reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance.
The main technical parameters:
  1. Spindle speed: 3500 r / min
  2. Exhaust fan capacity: 1238m / h
  3. Load current: 40A
  4. Fineness :40-120 mesh
  5. Production capacity of 25 - 180 kg / hour (typical Chinese herbal compound processing)
  6. Matching motor: Y180M-2 22KW
  7. Dimensions: 1200 × 600 × 750 (L × W × H) mm
  8. Weight: 800kg