Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Dry heat sterilizers are one of the most popular pharmceutical sterilizers. One of the earliest forms of sterilization practiced, dry heat sterilization, as the name dry-heat-sterilizerssuggests uses hot air that is either free from water vapour, or has very little of it and it doesnot play any role in the process of sterilization.
Dry Heat Sterilization in Pharmaceutical Industry
Dry heat sterilizers are mainly used for sterilizing various pharmaceutical products including ampoules, injection bottles, infusion bottles and production equipment. These sterilizers use dry heat and are better than the steam sterilizers in the sense that the process does not corrode the machine.This is also used to sterilize liquids with low moisture content and also for treatment of medicated powders. The process completely destructs all micro-organisms and does not cause any environmental pollution or inconvenience to humans. Usually made of stainless steel, the shape and position of heating elements in the chamber ensure uniform temperature distribution. The entire process includes drying, heating, sterilizing and cooling phase.

Dry Heat Sterilization Process
  • Place pharmaceutical instruments and items in the oven, and start the oven as per the designated temperature. The oven must has a temperature gauge or thermometer to ensure the designated temperature is reached.
  • The machine cleans, decontaminates, dries all instruments and other items to be sterilized.
  • Leave items in the sterilizer to cool before removing. When they are cool, the items need to be removed using sterile pickups and used or stored immediately. Proper storage is as important as the sterilization process itself.
Maintenance of Dry Heat Ovens
Maintenance of dry-heat ovens should alwyad be an integral part of every dry heat sterilization procedure. It is ti be noted that sterilization will not be achieved if the ovens do not reach the correct temperature .  Make sure:
  • That your oven is kept clean at all times.
  • Check the temperature gauge on a regular basis so that it is working properly. This can be done by putting a thermometer in the oven and comparing the temperature reading with the one on the gauge.
Application of Dry Heat Sterilizers
  • Sterilizing Laboratory Instruments
  • Sterilizing Ampoules
  • Sterilizing Injection Bottles
  • Sterilizing Pharmaceutical Vessels and Containers
  • Sterilizing medical instruments