Wednesday, 19 October 2011

W.S. Tyler™ Ultrasonic Test Sieve Cleaner

W.S. Tyler™ Ultrasonic Test Sieve Cleaner The W. S. Tyler, Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner is specially designed to provide a safe and effective means for cleaning test sieves. The compact and portable standard unit operates on 110 volt, 60 cycle current. The unit requires little, if any, maintenance.
The cleaner produces ultrasonic vibrations in a cleaning fluid bath, which cause contaminants to become dislodged from both the sieve frame and media. Vibrations up to 40,000 per second (40 kHz) are transmitted to the cleaning solution. Cleaning times range from 5-15 minutes. The unit will clean one 8" (200 mm) diameter full height test sieve at a time.
U.S. Domestic Price

CET-P-1405   W.S. Tyler Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner.......$1,350.00
W.S. TYLER™ and RO-TAP® are the trademark and registered trademark of Haver Tyler Corporation.