Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tablet Deduster

                            Tablet Deduster
Tablet dedusters are high technology machines used to clean tablets coming out of punching machine/press. Tablet dedusting machines clean the tablets off tablet-dedusterexcess dust before they are packed.

The tablet dedusting machines clean tablets with the help of a vibratory deduster, which has one of its ports connected to a suitable suction device. Pharmaceutical dedusters require minimum maintenance and are easy to clean with easily changeable parts.
Importance of Tablet Deduster
Whenever there is the process of tablet pressing, table deduster is required. This is because with tablet pressing unwanted powder is created that adheres to the surface of tablets. The process of tablet punching leads to formation of edges due to clearance between the punch and die also known as 'Burrs'. Burrs make the tablets uneven in size to fit into blister packaging and hinders the proper sealing of aluminium foil. By removing both the powder and the burrs, pharmaceutical dedusters enable tablet coating and packaging machinery to perform as designed.
Types of dedusters
  • Vertical vibratory: The vertical vibratory deduster uses vibration to move the tablet upward in a spiral along a smooth, perforated surface. As the machine conveys the tablets, they rub against one another and shed their burrs. The gentle vibration also loosens and removes dust as the tablets move up the spiral pathway.The vertical vibratory deduster is the most effective and most popular for dedusting tablets, also those prone to breakage.
  • Horizontal vibratory: The horizontal vibratory deduster is similar to the vertical deduster in operation . Tablets are moved out of the tablet press onto a flat, perforated vibratory bed, which shakes and vibrates the dust off. Unlike vertical deduster, horizontal units don't convey upward and thus cannot reach tall bulk bins.
  • Brush-type: Brush-type tablet dedusters are available in both the configurations, i.e, vertical and horizontal. The machine uses a motordriven rotary brush that simultaneously conveys and dedusts the tablets. Brush-type units are effective but are more ideal to handle capsules.