Friday, 21 October 2011

Super Mixer / Granulator / Dryer(1-2-2) H

Super Mixer / Granulator / Dryer(1-2-2)

Super Mixer / Granulator / Dryer(1-2-2) Super Mixer / Granulator / Dryer
Product ID: SMGD

1. Follow the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
2. WIP System is available
3. Explosion Proof System is available: Suitable for organic solvent
4. Multi-safety Interlock System:
a. Stop operation when the cover is not closed properly
b. Stop operation when the air pressure is not sufficient for the seal
5. Separated compressed air routes design to meet the good air quality: the compressed air for air seal will pass through an air filter. For the cylinder, the compressed air will pass through lubricating oil to ensure the air quality and lubrication
6. Unique design of the air seal: This design can prevent powder access into the main seal and the chopper to prevent powder dropping
7. The clearance between impeller and the bottom of mixing bowl is only about 0.5~0.8 mm; therefore, high mixing efficiency can be achieved

Automatic/Closed type operation
1. Powder Vacuum Loading is available
2. Binder Spraying: Using the mist nozzle design
3. Touch Screen Interface control system: all the parameters can be memorable, multilevel of pins can be set, connect to the diagrams printing
4. Discharge connects a Cone Mill and a Bin are available
5. The end point control of granulation: by ampere or torque