Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Preparation and Pressure Vessels

The processing of sterile and non-sterile liquids, such as blood plasma have specific purity requirements that can only be achieved with great technical skill and experience.

Preparation and pressure vessels from GEA Diessel set new performance standards and ensure that our customers 'central process components' have competitive advantages.

The surfaces of our preparation and pressure vessels are ground and polished inside and out, and as required, electro-polished. All welds are smoothed to the current GMP-/ FDA-standards and exclude even the smallest cleaning dead spaces. Computer-aided design provides the customers with the right product, which is essential for sensitive manufacturing processes.

GEA Diessel Preparation and Pressure Vessel profile:

Volume: 25 to 20,000 liters nominal capacity
Material: 1.4404, 1.4435, special steel
Surface finish:  to >= 0,2 ┬Ám  
Surface polishing: mechanical and / or electro-chemical
Pressure: Pressureless and / or -1 / 20 bar (g)
Temperature: -20/ - 200 °C (SIP bis 130°C)
Cleaning options:  CIP / SIP
Design: Single, double and triple wall design, heatable, insulated
  • preparation vessel for production of highly sterile products
  • buffer preparation vessel for blood plasma fractionation
  • media preparation for pharmaceutical fermentation processes
Whether for stationary or mobile use: equipment options are available, including vessel designs with simple surfaces.

Every functional element required for the process, can be integrated into the preparation and pressure vessel:
  • hand-hole for drug addition
  • magnetic coupled stirrer
  • agitators with double mechanical seal
  • gassing
  • sampling pipe
  • sight glass with lamp
  • temperature measuring device
  • sterile aeration filters
  • powder inlet valve 
  • homogenizing
  • sterile ingredient additions