Monday, 17 October 2011

Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant

Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant

                          General specifications of
The Bombay Engineering Works Ointment Manufacturing Plant Fully Automatic Untouched By Human Hands

A. Wax/oil Phase & Water Vessel Specifications

Material of construction:

4 mm thk S.S. 316
Top Flange
16 MM THK RING S.S. 316
Top Lid
Loose Type in two pieces 16 swg S.S. 316. or top dished as per clients requirement.
S.S. 304. 6 mm thk with spiral stiffeners
50 mm thk glaswool cladded with with S.S 304 with 16 Swg Welded.
25 NB, bottom valve, Jacket : Steam Inlet , condensate outlet, Jacket Drain with plug, Water Inlet is provided.
40 NB, Heavy Guage S.S. pipe S.S.304. 4 nos.
PT-100 for Digital Indicator.
Jacket Pressure
3.5 working.
Suitable H.P. /960 R.P.M /440V/TEFC mounted on side or from the bottom of wax vessel & Water vessel. Agitator will be propeller type
Internal and all contact parts buffed to 240 grit mirror finish and external bufed to 150 grit matt finish.