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Liquid Filling and Bottling

SEMI-AUTOMATIC ( CON-FILL Counterpressure Fillers)
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The Pro-Pak Con-Fill 4-Head Liquid Filling Machine is supplied ready-to-go, complete with Product Supply Pump, Nozzles, Product Level Control and Nozzle Adjuster Pieces. All you need is  Product, Compressed air, and Bottles!
Many options are available for the Con-Fill, including Pneumatic Bottle Lifting, Electric Supply Pump, and variety of Nozzle Sizes, to suit almost any Bottle. Adjustment for Bottle Size / Configuration and Fill Level is quickly and easily achieved with the included Universal Adjuster Tool. We also have a wide variety of Nozzle Bellows Materials, to suit even the most aggressive liquids. This Filling Machine is the best Value for Money you will find anywhere!!
We also have a Six-Head model available.This model uses pneumatic bottle lifters, which greatly increases productivity.
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Pro-Pak Six-Head Con-Fill Machine.
Many more options are available, please CONTACT  us, or use our Enquiry Form
Semi- or Full- Automation is easily achieved, should this be desired. CONTACT us for further details.
Pro-Pak manufactures the EZEE-FILL range of Gear Pump and Flexible-Rotor Dosing pumps with the Flexible Rotor Pumps able o pass solids of up to 8mm diameter. These pumps are self-priming, highly accurate, and may be used for liquid volumes from a few millilitres, up to a 5 litre fill. These dosing pumps are ideal for adding accurate, metered quantities of LIQUID product to bottles, bags, formulations and so on. They may also be used for small-scale bottle filling, and may even be incorporated into a Fully-Automatic Bottling or Liquid Filling Line. A variety of Non-Drip and Positive Closing Nozzles are available for the EZEE-FILL Dosing Pumps. The EZEE-FILL may also be incorporated in-line on almost any manufacturing / blending plant.
We also manufacture Multi-Head Bottling / Filling Lines using the EZEE-FILL pump and control technology.
The EZEE-FILL may be incorporated into our RS-I Bag Closing Line to form a complete Stand-Up Pouch (Doypack®) filling and sealing line!
Typical EZEE-FILL Applications

Filling of Thick liquids, e.g. Liquid Car Wax.
Filling of Sauces into Stand-Up (Doy®) Pouches.
Filling of non-regular or non-rigid containers.
Adding of liquid cleaning agent to sanitary wipes.
Adding liquid fertilizer / growing medium to seedling trays.
Adding vegetable oil to mango atchaar tubs and buckets.
Filling of medicines and cough syrups containing suspended particles.
Dispensing Fuel Oil into Ammonium Nitrate / Fuel Oil Explosives.
And many, many more! Contact us with your enquiry.

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Ezee-Fill Gear Pump Filling Machine   Ezee-Fill Gear Pump Filling Machine       Gear Pump Auto Filling Line
Bucket and Pail Filling
Pro-Pak manufactures a range of Bucket and Pail filling machines. These are primarily designed for the filling of volumes in excess of 5 Liters, and are available as Semi- or Fully Automatic lines.
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                         Bucket and Pail Filling Equipment
We offer both imported and custom-built bucket and pail filling lines. Please Contact Us for further information.