Thursday, 27 October 2011

Distilled Water Storage Tank (WFI Storage Tank)

Distilled Water Storage Tank (WFI Storage Tank)

Haryana General Industries

INDO GERMAN provides distilled water storage tank as per the requirement of the customers. Vertical / Horizontal tanks are available in jacketed and non-jacketed design. (If WFI is to be stored for a longer period than it is essential to maintain the temperature of stored WFI at 800 C.). The design is as per ASME standards.
INDO GERMAN manufactures WFI tank with jacketed design, where heating media is either boiler steam OR electrical h eaters.

Special Features :
  • Design as per client’s requirement.
  • No stagnant point to avoid bacterial growth.
  • It is polished to high degree of finish and electropolished to the Ra value of 0.28.
  • Insulation with SS 304 welded cladding.
  • All contact parts will be of SS 316 / SS 316 L quality.
  • Spray ball will be provided for CIP & SIP.
  • SS 304 control panel provided with level indication & digital temperature indicator cum controller.
  • Provided with flush bottom valve & 0.2 µ vent filter.
  • Load cell (Capacitance Type) will be provided to display the volume inside the tank in terms of litres (OPTIONAL)
  • If required, tank can be provided with loop system with recirculation of WFI water.
Distilled Water Storage Tank (WFI Storage Tank)