Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dedusting Solutions

Dedusting Solutions

Pelletron provides DeDusters® for the Plastic Processing and Plastic Manufacturing Industry, as well as for Food, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and other applications.

Pelletron's DeDuster® uses a magnetic flux field to disrupt the electrostatic charge between contaminants and pellets, and a patented air wash deck to separate and remove the contaminants.

Dust and streamers are generated at the pneumatic conveying process. Dilute phase systems with high velocities create a high amount of dust and streamers. Slow motion conveying systems prevent the creation of streamers, but generate very fine dust due to high friction. These fines need to be removed before processing, extrusion or before packaging.

Operating principle


  1. Product Inlet
  2. Primary Flux Field Generator
  3. Magnetic Field
  4. Primary Wash Deck
  5. Wash Air Inlet
  6. Dusty Air Outlet
  7. Venturi Chamber with By-Pass Air Control
  8. Secondary Wash Air Deck
  9. Secondary Flux Field Generator