Wednesday, 26 October 2011



General Specifications Of “The Bombay Engineering Works” Autocoater
Applications :

Coater type SCS can be used to coat pallets, granules and tablets.

Coater is designed for the application of :
Film coating with organic solvent.
Film coating with aqueous coating.
Sugar coating.

Salient Features :
  • Automated process.
  • Conforms to cGMP.
  • Flexible batch operations.
  • Product protective handling to prevent chipping of tablets.
  • Complete separation of production and technical area.
  • Extremely user friendly software and operation through PLC.
  • Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of baffles.
  • Made up of entirely of S.S.316.
  • Advanced CIP system.
  • Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operation.